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Compassionate Doctors are recommending physicians under the PA medical marijuana program, whose mission coincides with ours at bringing comfort and hope to those suffering in Pennsylvania. Without these dedicated physicians, our program would not be a success! 


Dr. Everette

Chief Medical Doctor at Canna Care Docs


Dr. Everett received her undergraduate degree in Biology from Johns Hopkins University and earned her Medical Degree from Jefferson Medical College. She is dedicated to helping patients achieve their optimum level of health and vitality through combining healthy lifestyle principles and evidence based alternative and traditional treatments. She has been treating medical cannabis patients for over 3 years in the Wilmington, DE location of Canna Care Docs and now provides her compassionate and experienced based care to patients at the Canna Care Docs location in Ambler, Pennsylvania. Dr. Everett continues to expand her expertise in this discipline and looks forward to the integration of medical cannabis within the traditional scope of healthcare. 

Dr. Rothschild

Chief Medical Officer at PGH MMJ

 Dr. Adam Rothschild is the founder of PGH MMJ and a board-certified family physician. PGH MMJ is a friendly, local medical cannabis practice located in Pittsburgh's East Liberty neighborhood; it's like your neighborhood family doctor, but for medical cannabis. Dr. Rothschild takes the time to get to know you, your struggles, and your concerns. He engages you to understand your experience with cannabis--if any--and empowers you to use medical cannabis safely, effectively, and responsibly. In addition to his work at PGH MMJ, Dr. Rothschild practices family medicine with Handelsman Family Practice and is on the medical staff of UPMC Shadyside Hospital.

Doctor Metcalf

Doctor Metcalf specializes in functional and regenerative medicine, and through these studies, began looking into the biochemistry of marijuana and it's effects to the nervous system, immune, and endocannabinoid systems. Dr. Metcalf is a certified recommending physician at Medical Marijuana Solutions and dedicated to serving and helping patients. 

Dr. Doner 

Chief Medical Officer at Compassionate Certification Center

Dr. Bryan Doner is the CEO and Co-Founder of Compassionate Certification Centers, a health care provider group located in Western Pennsylvania, that offers educational resources and assistance to patients by providing comprehensive medical cannabis certifications to those who qualify as well as a cannabis diagnostic tool and EMR system. Dr. Doner is also a member of the American Academy of Cannabinoid Medicine, American’s for Safe Access, and the Society of Cannabis Clinicians. He is also featured on Marijuana Minutes each week between 8-9 PM on WJAS with The Cannabis Reporter.

Dr. Doner currently has active medical licenses in PA and other states and has obtained the proper certification to attest for medical cannabis in Pennsylvania under the Department of Health. He has attended numerous symposiums and educational events regarding medical marijuana and research, oftentimes serving as a speaker or panel member. As an advocate for medical marijuana and as a clinical researcher, Dr. Doner is especially interested in future research within this industry.

Dr. Doner is currently seeing and certifying qualifying patients in Western Pennsylvania at Compassionate Certification Centers. He is notable for his extensive knowledge on the benefits of using medical marijuana for the many illnesses allowed under our program. He and his staff are great advocates for their patients and will help with all steps of the patient and caregiver registration process. 

Compassionate Certification Center and Doctor Doner's involvement in creating efficiency in the certification process, as well as advocating for their patients regardless of age or ailment, has made him noteworthy as PACC's Doctor of the Month. Doctors like Doctor Doner will help advance our program for optimal success! 


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