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Compassionate Dispensaries are establishments across the commonwealth helping to provide medical cannabis to patients in need. These dispensary owners are happy to help in our mission of providing comfort and hope to our suffering Pennsylvania patients.  Without these dedicated owners, our program would not be a success! 


Solevo Wellness is a medical marijuana dispensary based in Pittsburgh, PA, dedicated to providing medical marijuana relief solutions for Pennsylvanians certified with serious medical conditions such as intractable pain including arthritis, and other serious medical conditions including glaucoma, cancer, autism, Parkinson’s disease, MS, IBD, PTSD, and HIV/AIDS. Founded by leading physicians, pharmacists, and medical professionals, Solevo offers personal, professional care, and quality medical marijuana products.


Maitri Medicinals is a Pittsburgh based medical marijuana dispensary with a mission to cultivate, produce and dispense quality medical marijuana products for Pennsylvania patients who suffer from qualifying medical conditions and diseases. Maitri recognizes that people define and achieve wellness in different ways across a wide spectrum, and serve all patients with open mindedness, kindness, and a desire to learn.


Located in various parts across the Pennsylvania commonwealth, and throughout multiple states, cresco yeltrah is a dispensary dedicated to bringing quality products to it's patients. Cresco Yeltrah is also a grow facility, distributing to a wide range of dispensaries across the state of Pennsylvania. 

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